A Global Eco-preneurial Innovation

SmartMarketsSM capitalizes on the convergence of three market drivers — web-enabled ecommerce, online social networks, and the green movement – to improve water and energy use. Our system can be scaled and customized to all utilities. By opening new markets within “un-natural” monopolies, SmartMarkets inspires and motivates a competitive race to conserve.

Save & Trade – The Killer Application Energizing The Smart Grid

SmartMarkets does not touch physical water and electricity. Infrastructure remains controlled by the utility`s seasoned experts. Yet we transform how customers define and use those resources.

SmartMarkets has developed a patent-pending “Save & Trade” meter, conversion mechanism & Web 2.0 trading platform. This platform allows residential and commercial end users to own, save, accumulate and trade clearly defined water and energy efficiency credits, or EcoSharesSM.

A Comparative Advantage – Connecting Consumers to The Grid With Value

Existing ‘smart meters’ allow consumers to monitor use and/or send data to a ‘smart grid.’ Such initiatives are helpful, but fall short by failing to harness one unlimited resource in the race to conserve resources: human greed. Only SmartMartkets’ vertically integrated trading system offers powerful incentives to reduce demand. In short, ‘smart meters’ and ‘smart grids’ need ‘smart markets’ to succeed!

Accumulated EcoShares are simple to track and trade: balances can be found online and on your monthly utility statement. They may be monitored as easily as air miles, earned as regularly as credit card loyalty points each time water is saved, and exchanged as transparently as trading NASDAQ shares online.

SmartMarkets` disruptive business model empowers recession-weary consumers to conserve scarce resources, save money, and earn extra income through a transparent and accountable process open to all on an equal basis. Soon, water utilities will no longer provide water, but rather provide “real liquidity”, while electric utilities can finally provide “power to the people”.

What Smart People Have Said About Smart Grids, Smart Meters, and Smart Markets…

“The question to address is whether a large scale Smart Grid is worth having at all if retail competition is absent.”

- Robert J. Michaels

“We need a system where people can own water and energy so everyone has a strong incentive to save and trade our way back to sustainability.”

- Hunter S. Lovins

“A smart grid is a transactive grid.”

- Lynne Kiesling

“Some of the world’s great rivers no longer reach the sea. In many cities water is rationed. Droughts and floods are becoming more extreme. These problems demand policies. Ideally, efficient water use would be encouraged by charging for it, but attempts to do so have mostly proved politically impossible. A more practicable alternative is a system of tradable water-usage rights.”

- The Economist

“By assigning an economic value to water and treating it as a tradable source, parties see that the gains from cooperation exceed the costs, resulting from the change in ownership. A zero-sum game becomes a win-win situation.”

- Franklin Fisher and Annette Huber-Lee

“Some water and energy should be available for free, then people pay more to get more.”

- David Zetland