The SmartMarkets Mission

The world sees greed as the root of ecological evil; we harness it to restore nature’s abundance.

To save the Earth, some urge us altruistically to think global, act local; we say: think and act where your actions are rewarded; social value to the world will flow from there.

Some environmentalists strive to suppress selfish and shortsighted mindsets for the good of nature and humanity; we believe basic human nature actually has immense untapped potential to create public benefits from private self-interest through our new integrated system of incentives.

Our proprietary mechanism may be complex and original, but it is based on basic principles and a common assumption about ecosystems. Throughout time, all evolutionary progress — from the primordial ooze through nanotechnology — has come through interactive systems based on mutual symbiosis. SmartMarkets reinforces this positive collaborative structure so that all stakeholders engaged in our business platform — utilities, subscribers, and the natural world on which we depend — come out ahead.

Unlike other companies, we will not need to actively advertise or project the company in terms of ‘triple bottom line’, ‘social responsibility’, or ‘planet, people and profits.’ We need only to show the integrity of our transparent and authentic market solutions, laying bare who we are, how we work, and where we operate.

To that end we hire from the local communities in which we work and, as our business matures, we will voluntarily donate one percent of all sales or ten percent of pre-tax profits to reinvest in the watershed on which we depend — targeting funds toward obsolete dam removal, improved fish habitat, filtered urban runoff, anti-erosion stream buffers, riparian easements, and carbon sinks.

Finally, we do not advocate protectionism or paternalism but rather technology adaptation and transfer. Because human nature is identical in rich or poor countries, and opportunity should be equal whether in developed or developing economies, SmartMarkets will aggressively pursue the same business operation and philosophy simultaneously at home and overseas.