Welcome Government Leaders and Regulatory Officials!

Voters want two things: fiscal responsibility and a healthy environment.
What if you could deliver both at once?
What if your team was reelected for promising to raise water and energy rates?

What if you could…
…Restore rivers and wetlands without spending a dime?
…Thrive during drought without restrictions?
…Avoid having to ration a single drop of water?
…Endow each voter with a secure right to water and energy?
…Win federal funds for painlessly reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
…Spend less time, money or political capital on costly infrastructure?

With SmartMarkets, now you can.

The new SmartMarkets approach turns bureaucrats into partners, city councils into visionaries and mayors into heroes.

Why? Because it removes the thorniest, most painful decisions that used to burden the most responsible oversight agencies. From the start, a city’s public utilities commission is set up to fail. Commissioners know that a utility needs to earn healthy revenues to evolve. They know higher prices are the most effective tool to reduce demand. But their mandate is to keep prices as low as possible for the voting public that they represent.

As a result of this situation, no one is happy. Supply can’t keep up with demand, the environment buckles under the strain, and individual ratepayers are stuck with bills they can’t challenge or charges they can’t alter.

SmartMarkets helps people take responsibility for their water and energy. As a result of incentives, they reduce individual demand resulting in a relative abundance and protection of natural ecosystems.

SmartMarkets guarantees results: A city with SmartMarkets will reduce emissions, eliminate waste, soothe and political tension, restore efficiency to utilities, reduce inequality among citizens, bring health to habitats, and expand the rights of voters…or our service is free.

Click through to unlock the potential of you city’s liquid assets and restore power to the people so they can vote at the ballot box and at their utility meter.

Isn’t it time your city unleashed its own Green Revolution?

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