Welcome Utility Managers!

Do politics make you suppress the hidden cost of water and energy?
What if everyone demanded that you increase rates?

What if you could:

…End supply shortages?
…Augment revenues from users?
…Painlessly and rapidly reduce waste?
…Avoid the expense of adding new supply?
…Earn carbon credits for reducing emissions?

SmartMarkets motivate customers to consume less, and allow your utility to win more.

SmartMarkets lets you eliminate the inherent conflict between you, your customers, and your regulatory counterparts. Instead of a painful ‘you vs. them’ ordeal, rate structure hearings become a symbiotic process. Parties want your water and energy operations to charge as much as possible for supply.

Why? Because under the SmartMarkets solution, subscribers now own equitable credits for their water and energy. Customers want these units – known as EcoShares – to have high value. The old vicious circle of conflict, waste and pollution is reversed into a new virtuous cycle:

Customers are vested with a free secure lifeline of water or electricity (EcoShare) they can use, save or trade…Utilities increase fixed rates for usage above that amount…As a result of higher rates EcoShares grows more valuable and desirable…The higher value of finite EcoShares encourages users to conserve more…and a majority demands higher rates so their EcoShares are worth more.

In this virtuous circle utilities ensure economic prosperity and ecological integrity.

SmartMarkets removes painful political tension between utilities, the public, the politicians and natural ecosystems which generate water and energy resources.

If you want to learn how SmartMarkets can help you can raise revenues, improve operational efficiency, replenish local rivers, and dramatically cut global warming pollution, please contact us today:

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