Welcome Consumers!

Are you still paying your utility bill? … What if others paid you?

What if you could:

…Earn money for plugging leaks, turning off taps and dialing down thermostats?
…Sell your surplus rain, snow, wind, or sunlight you harvested for cash?
…Augment your income through the ethical act of “going green?”
…Climate-proof your home, business, church or community?

When you choose to conserve, SmartMarkets rewards you financially.

Our opportunity for you is as simple as it is radical: rather than rent equal shares of your two most vital natural resources…you deserve to own them.

That wasn’t always possible in the past, but now it is. Cumbersome natural monopolies used to prevent you from saving and trading equitable amounts of rainfall or electrical currents. But in the 21st Century, choosing SmartMarkets will open channels between you, your water, and your energy.

As you save extra money and earn bonus income, you will also improve your utility’s efficiency, replenish your rivers and aquifers, and dramatically cut your city’s global warming pollution. That’s not just a SmartMarkets promise; it’s our guarantee.

Isn’t it time they let you unleash your own personal Green Revolution?

So come on: claim your fair EcoShares.

For more information about SmartMarkets, please contact: info@smart-markets.com